Sun RSC Configuration

The Sun Remote System Control (RSC) is a server management tool that allows you to monitor and control your server over modem lines and over a network.

<>The server can boot and operate normally when RSC software is not enabled, and Sun console features continue to be available on standard RS232 ports.


Before you begin, you must:

  • Confirm the Solaris OS running is Solaris 8 (7/01) or later
  • Download the RSC utilities on your server
  • Assign an IP address to your server

Download utilites

Login as root to your E250 and dowload the RSC utilities (

Download the ZIP file for the version of Solaris OS installed on your server:

Solaris ZIP file
9 (or later)


Once the download has completed, unzip the file in a temporary location.

Install the following package extracted from the ZIP file:

# pkgadd -d . SUNWrsc SUNWrscd SUNWrscj


    SUNWrsc — Remote System Control

    SUNWrscd — Remote System Control User Guide

    SUNWrscj — Remote System Control GUI

Once installed, you must configure the RSC. Use the following command to configure your RSC

/usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rsc-config

Setup your RSC according to your need. You can activate the Ethernet, Modem or Serial. Then configuration will update to flash and resetting the RSC.

Console rediect

Once the RSC software has been installed and configured, you must redirect the console to the RSC. In order to achieve this we shutdown the system, and type the following commands at the ok prompt

ok diag-console rsc
ok setenv input-device rsc-console
ok setenv output-device rsc-console

Boot your server for the changes to become active.

RSC Commands

All RSC commands are located in the following directory::

/usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc

The main two commands to use are:

    rsc-config — Used to configure the RSC

    rscadm — Used to administer the RSC

Additional Info

The RSC is supported on the following Sun Servers:

  • Sun Enterprise 250,
  • Sun Fire 280R,
  • Sun Fire V480,
  • Sun Fire V490,
  • Sun Fire V880, and
  • Sun Fire V890 Servers