Solaris package management

The pkginfo command is one of the most in Solaris as it gives a detailed listing of a package including the details of number of installed files, pathnames, directories and executables

<>The following table provides a list of basic package management on the Solaris 8 OS.

Action Command
List all installed packages pkginfo
Show package description pkginfo -l <pkg-name>
Install package pkgadd -d <pkg-file>
Remove package pkgrm <pkg-name>
File package which owns a file pkgchk -l -p <file>
List all files installed by package pkgchk -l <pkg-name> | awk '/^Pathname/ {print $2}'
List files in package file pkgchk -l -d <pkg-file> | awk '/^Pathname/ {print $2}'
Verify installed package integrity pkgchk <pkg-name>
Verify integrity of all installed packages pkginfo | awk '{print $2}' | xargs pkgchk