Solaris job scheduler

With the Solaris Management Console (SMC) now includes a graphical tool to create and schedule jobs on your system.

You can use the Job Scheduler Tool within SMC to:

  • View and modify job properties
  • Delete a job
  • Add a scheduled job
  • Enable or disable job logging
  1. To open the job schedule, start the Solaris Management Console, by issuing the command:
    # smc
    The SMC Welcome window appears
  2. In the Navigation pane of the SMC Welcome window, open the Job Scheduler by clicking on the This Computer icon, then click on the Services icon, and then click on the Scheduled Jobs icon
  3. You can add jobs to the crontab by selecting Action from the top toolbar
  4. You can modify a cron job by double clicking on the job in the main window pane