Resumable ZFS Send Streams

In Oracle Solaris 11.4, if a network transmission is interrupted or an error occurs, ZFS send streams can be restarted where they left off.

Using ZFS send and receive to transfer ZFS snapshots across systems is a convenient way to replicate ZFS file system data previously suffering from the following issues::

  • A ZFS send operation could take many hours or days to complete. During that time, the send operation could be interrupted by a network outage or a system failure.
  • If the send operation fails to complete, even if it is almost complete, it must be restarted from the beginning.
  • The ZFS send operation might be unable to transfer large streams in the window between interruptions.
  • A ZFS recv operation might be unable to detect and report transmission errors until the entire stream has been processed.

This Oracle Solaris 11.4 release provides a way for ZFS send streams to be resumed at the point they were interrupted with the following new options:

  • zfs receive -C — Writes a receive checkpoint to stdout.
  • zfs send -C — Reads a receive checkpoint from stdin.
  • zfs send -s (nocheck) — Disables the new on-the-wire format.
  • zfs list -I (state) — Recursively displays incomplete datasets as incomplete datasets are not displayed by default.

For more information, see Managing ZFS File Systems in Oracle Solaris 11.4.

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