Performing Live Upgrade with ZFS

This article basically provides the steps necessary to perform a live upgrade of OpenSolaris with ZFS as the root file system.

I've been working with Solaris and OpenSolaris for quiet sometime, and eventually I've decided to do a fresh install rather than the usual upgrade.

In doing so, I was surprised that my root file system is now under ZFS control rather than the other UFS as per my previous installs/upgrades ... Yipee - looks likes Solaris is coming of age...

  1. download the ISO image
    # wget
  2. mount ISO image as loopback device on /mnt
    # lofiadm -a {ISO_IMAGE}
    # mount -F hsfs /dev/lofi/1 /mnt
  3. remove current LU pkgs and reinstall latest
    # pkgrm SUNWluu SUNWluzone SUNWlur SUNWlucfg
    # cd /mnt/Solaris_11/Product
    # pkgadd -d . SUNWluu SUNWluzone SUNWlur SUNWlucfg
  4. clone current BE to AE
    # lucreate -c OLD_BUILD -n NEW_BUILD
  5. check status
    # lustatus
  6. perform upgrade
    # luupgrade -u -n NEW_BUILD -s /mnt
  7. recheck status
    # lustatus
  8. activate new build image
    # luactivate NEW_BUILD
  9. perform reboot to boot new image
    # init 6
    (dont use reboot/shutdown, you must perform an init 6)