NetWorker version release changes

I have been installing and configuring Legato/EMC NetWorker since 1996 (showing my age here) and I have see during this period the mismatch of NetWorker core product and associated modules. This in itself has supplied many support challenges as to which major/minor version of NetWorker works well with which module, let alone with which OS/DB version and patch release.

For example:

Core 8.x.x.x release with Module 3.x.x

It looks like NetWorker development teams have finally started to address this problem.

Starting with EMC NetWorker 8.2 which is due for release June 2014. Both EMC NetWorker and all database modules will be version matched. For example:

NetWorker Server 8.2.x.x with NetWorker Module NMM 8.2.x