NetWorker no matching devices error

I've recently worked on a few cases where the backup server client instance has changed from the hostname to the fully qualified name after an upgrade the servers indexes and bootstrap backups fail with the error:

No matching devices for save of client <NetWorker_Server>; check storage nodes, devices or pools.

To check if this issue:

  1. Check the client resource of the backup server is it listed as the hostname or as the fully qualified name.
  2. In the Devices window expand Storage Nodes and check the Storage Node instance of the backup server.
  3. Does the naming format match the client instance?

If the names do not match do the following when no activity is running:

  1. Document any devices attached to the backup server, these need to be deleted and created after the Storage Node name has been corrected.
  2. Delete the Storage Node for the NetWorker server from the NetWorker Management Console.
  3. Recreate the storage node by right clicking on Storage Nodes and selecting new.
  4. Enter in the name and click ok.
  5. Create any devices attached to the NetWorker server that were deleted.
  6. Recycle the NetWorker services