NetWorker Control Data

NetWorker control data is the collection of NetWorker configuration information and the backup tracking information stored on the NetWorker server. NetWorker control data includes three components:

Resource Directory: This directory (the resource database) contains the resource files.

Media Database: This database is used to track all volumes used by NetWorker and all save sets written to those volumes.

Client File Indexes (CFI): These databases track each file (pathname) backed up by clients, allowing users to browse their backups for files from a particular point in time. The NetWorker server creates and maintains one CFI per physical client.

The next several pages provide more details on each NetWorker control data component.

NOTE: For a Microsoft Windows NetWorker server, replace /nsr with <drive>:\Program Files\EMC NetWorker\nsr for the directory paths shown on the slide.

Resource Files

NetWorker stores and maintains configuration information as resources. Resource information is stored in resource files located below the /nsr/res directory. Subdirectories containing resource files include:

nsrdb - The files below this directory contain configuration information describing clients, devices, jukeboxes (autochanger, library, or silo), backup start times, backup schedules, licenses, etc. This directory exists only on the NetWorker server. The slide shows an example of a NetWorker Schedule resource which defines the backup level used each day of the week.

nsrladb — The files below this directory contain resource information used to determine the RPC port range used by this host when receiving connections from and making connections to other NetWorker hosts. All NetWorker hosts use this directory.

jobsdb — This directory contains statistics and information generated by operations such as backups, and is used by NMC for reporting.

NOTE: See the EMC NetWorker Command Reference Guide for more information.

Important: NetWorker resource files are text files and are to be managed only through NetWorker administrative interfaces. Do not edit them directly!!Media Database

The Media Database stores tracking information describing all save sets backed up within the data zone and all volumes labeled by NetWorker.

Save set information includes:

  • Save set name
  • Volume storing the save set
  • NetWorker client that created the save set
  • Date and time the save set was backed up
  • Size of the save set
  • Unique save set identifier (SSID)
  • Aging status
  • Backup level

Volume information includes:

  • Volume name
  • List of save sets on the volume
  • Volume status
  • Name of media pool that the volume belongs to

NOTE: Many more pieces of information are maintained in the media database. See information about mminfo in the EMC NetWorker Command Reference Guide.

Client File Indexes

A Client File Index (CFI) stores client-generated information about a client's backed up files and directories. For each file and directory that is backed up, a CFI contains its pathname, file attributes such as permissions and ownership, and the time stamp of when the save set containing the file was backed up.

NetWorker clients send tracking information to their CFI, which resides on the NetWorker server. A single CFI exists for each physical client.