Modifying the Inactivity Timeout attribute for a save group

The Inactivity Timeout in the group resource indicates the number of minutes that NetWorker waits for a client's save set to respond back to the NetWorker server, before determining the specified client's save set is unavailable for backup and aborts the save set.

The save set once abandoned by NetWorker, may still complete after being aborted, but NetWorker will not receive or report success of the save set. A message reporting a timeout event appears in the final savegroup completion report.

  • The default value of the Inactivity Timeout attribute for a NetWorker group (savegrp) resource is 30 minutes.
  • The inactivity timeout for the group may be increased to a larger value to give the savegrp process more time to process large file systems before the session is terminated. Alternately, the value may be decreased so as to limit the time to wait for a timeout.

Typical Errors

savegrp backups may fail for a given group with any of the following errors

  • Error: 'aborted due to inactivity'
  • Error: 'inactivity timeout' during incremental backup.
  • Backups failing due to inactivity timeout error
  • Backups fail with errors but retries are successful
  • Backups are aborted.
  • Savegroup hangs


Use the following steps to change the Inactivity Timeout value for a savegrp:

  1. Open the NetWorker Management Console (NMC)
  2. Go to the Configuration section
  3. Expand the groups icon in the left pane
  4. Right-click the group that requires the change and click Properties
  5. Go to the Advanced tab
  6. Change the 'Inactivity Timeout' value under the Configuration section
  7. Click OK to save the changes

Note: Alternatively, set the value to 0 (zero) for no timeout.


Refer to EMCs knowledgebase article esg59552 for more information