Installing a guest OS under Solaris X86

Sun's VirtualBoxAlthough for the past 2 decades I've used Sun Microsystems Solaris OE 24x7x365 on both SPARC and now X86 platforms, I still have a need for Windows and Linux based operating systems. Mainly for development works but also to run some of the apps which don't yet have Solaris equivalents.

Which is where virtual PC's come in. A virtual PC is basically a single file containing an operating system, which with the correct software runs inside a window in your booted OS. So for me to use my development tools and other windows based products I am using Sun's VirtualBox application. I have used this since the early versions on my OpenSuSE Linux distro. Its ease of use and mass of configuration options beats its competitors hands down. You can download Sun's VitualBox from and have a Guest operating system up and running in less then an hour! Perfect if you still miss your windows/linux environment on you new hardware or OS installation.