How to force an inventory in Veritas NetBackup

This is a simple post providing the steps necessary to force an inventory of a library under Veritas NetBackup

  1. To show the contents of the library use the following:
    # cd /usr/openv/volmgr/bin
    # ./vmcheckxxx -rt type -rn # -rh host -list
  2. To compare the contents of the library with the contents of the media database use:
    # vmcheckxxx -rt type -rn # -rh host
  3. To get a list of the recommended updates use:
    # ./vmcheckxxx -rt type -rn # -rh host -recommend
  4. To apply the recommended changes use:
    # ./vmcheckxxx -rt type -rn # -rh host -recommendcmd
  5. Confirm the available_media after the inventory complete
    # cd /opt/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies
    # ./available_media


  • type = acs, odl, tc4, tc8, tl4, tl8, tld, tlh, lmf, tlm, ts8, tsd, tsh
  • # = robot number
  • host = robot host