EMC NetWorker 7.6 hotfixes

EMC released the latest cumulative hotfixes for it's NetWorker 7.6 product suite last night. NetWorker cumulative updates combines various individual hotfixes that might have an impact on customer production environments.

Build Information

The current cumulative hotfix is NetWorker Build 1231. It was released on September 30, 2013.

Cumulative fixes

This package contains the following cumulative fixes

NW153738 NMC pop-up Error dialog box contains OK and nothing else.
NW153504 defunct nsrindexd process causing nsrd process to hang.
NW152442 Savegroups neglect group parallelism; run with a value of 65535.
NW151916 NetWorker nsrim fails to delete savesets from mediadb (continuation of NW143154 & NW138677 & NW148600).
NW151803 NMC unable to drag & drop clients created via nsradmin script.
NW151105 VADP Restore from Tape is Hung after RegisterVM task in vCenter.
NW150439 nwrecover core dumps during restore on Linux.
NW149264 During VADP backup with CBT feature, incremental backup always failed if there was a file name with multi byte character.
NW148112 NetWorker is not honoring clone storagenode restrictions with DDboost when mediatype attr is set for the destination clone pool.
NW147640 The VTL is not properly licensed - Errors when modifying or configuring jukebox in NetWorker with Enterprise license.

Download location

The NetWorker cumulative hotfixes are available @ ftp://ftp.legato.com/pub/NetWorker/Cumulative_Hotfixes/ 7.6/

Installation and de-installation instructions

Binaries included as part of this hotfix may be identified using the "what" command on UNIX systems or by examining the file properties on Windows systems.

The installation and de-installation methods differ based upon the OS platform being used on the NetWorker Server.

You can refer the NetWorker Installation Guide or use EMC NetWorker SolVe Desktop (formerly known as the NetWorker Procedure Generator (NPG)). Both are available on the EMC NetWorker Support landing page at: https://support.emc.com/products/NetWorker

These give step-by-step guidelines on how to install the NetWorker Server software on different OS platforms.